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Pacific Cultivation

From what goes into our soil to what goes into your joint, we set our standards high. You can taste the dedication to our craft in our hand trimmed flower.


We’ve dedicated most of our lives gathering the experience it takes to raise high quality cannabis more sustainably and ethically!


For Pacific Cultivation, growing cannabis is a way to live independently while maintaining a
strong connection to the land and culture of Mendocino County.


Pacific Cultivation is Clean Green Certified single source Cannabis Cultivation Company!

Off-Grid Solar Cultivation


On our Clean Green Certified farms in the central Mendocino County hills, we use solar power, no synthetic inputs and minimize waste.

Featured Products

Pacific Cultivation provides small-batch, sun-grown cannabis for those who have an interest in supporting single source family farms throughout the traditional cannabis communities of Northern California.


At heart, we’re about producing consistently excellent cannabis while minimizing our impact on the environment.

SunGrown Flower

We emphasize the importance of affordable access to quality cannabis for all, while never compromising the stewardship of the land or quality of our product.


“Pacific Cultivation has been a great farm to work with. With their top shelf standard of flower, their commitment to providing quality heritage sungrown cannabis is palpable. We look forward to a long lasting partnership with this iconic heritage farm whose dedication to the community is solid.”
–Chiah Rodriques, Operations Director, Mendocino Generations

Pacific Cultivation and Mendocino Cannabis Alliance are Representing the heritage of Mendocino County as a WORLD renowned cannabis producing region.

We invite everyone to smoke our local Mendocino County cannabis, trusting it to test pure and potent.

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